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Heavy Haulers

heavy haulers

Detroit Car Transport is one of the most experienced and dependable auto shipping companies when it comes to transporting oversize vehicles too large for road travel. We have special permits that are required for heavy haulers. Our team is filled with very experienced members who have been in the auto shipping industry for years. All of our truck drivers are masters of the heavy haul. After being in business for 10+ years, we have become experts working with heavy machinery while moving in confined spaces. That is why Detroit Car Transport is the best option when it comes to heavy equipment transportation.

Top-Rated Heavy Haulers in the Country

We offer heavy equipment transport services to construction companies as well as militaries. We can transport all types of different heavy machinery like tractors, industrial equipment, cranes, bulldozers, etc. Our truck drivers are very experienced with all types of vehicles. They are careful when transporting oversized and heavy equipment. We make sure that your heavy hauling shipment is completed with the best prices on the market. When you place a heavy hauler auto-shipment order with us, we will include the insurance of your machinery, equipment, or vehicles, in the price. We create a specific auto transport program to fit the needs of all our customers. Detroit Car Transport pays great attention to detail during the entire heavy hauling process.

If you’re in a rush to get your heavy equipment or machinery transported, we offer expedited shipping services to make the process faster at an extra cost. We have a special permit to make sure that your heavy haul job has all the proper documents and meets all state highway regulations. Detroit Car Transport has the experience and knowledge to handle your specialized needs on a variety of platforms. Our staff is trained to respond to the needs, demands, and challenges of our customers.

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